Re: [Emerald] Charging for excess download
Sun, 12 Sep 1999 17:12:09 +1000


thanks for the offer of assistance. We're currently not using an FTP
server on the Radius NT box - so I guess Serv-U we be as suitable as
anything else?!


> Marcus Young wrote:
> >
> > we have an account that has a download limit - any download in excess of
> > the limit each month is charged for. Would somebody be able to help me
> > with setting up a script that would run each day to calculate download
> > charges on the accounts that were being billed that day. I really don't
> > have an extensive knowledge of SQL so any help would be appreciated.
> What FTP server are you using? We have a beta EmerAuth that tallies
> uploads and downloads into a new table (with Serv-U). The next major
> release of Emerald will bill on this, but we might be able to patch
> something together for you, if you are using Serv-U.
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