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David Routh ( )
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 15:08:08 -0500

At 12:31 PM 09/10/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>David Routh wrote:
>> We're starting from scratch adding customers in Emerald. We've got several
>> customers that are paid to say the 5th of the month, say 10/5/99. When we
>> add them to Emerald, we're doing Monthly Billing with Monthly Pay Period,
>> it places them as Billed Thru 10/01/99 and expire 10/01/99... We delete the
>> charges that are initially created (the setup charge and prorated month).
>> How can we make Emerald understand they are paid thru 10/05/99 so that when
>> we create invoices in October it will prorate the first invoice.
>You need to change the Billing Cycle from Monthly (which is forcing the
>first of the month) to anniversary.

OK, but what I really want is to have them on Monthly.... I thought
Anniversary would invoice them each month based on their anniversary date.

Would it be best to simply set the Billed Thru and Expire Date as 11/01/99
and then manually create (I'm assuming this can be done) the first invoice
and prorate it ourselves.

Thanks, David

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