Re: [Emerald] TSGRAPH and Licence problem.

Glen Harvy ( )
Fri, 10 Sep 1999 10:37:28 +1000

Hi Dale,

My problem is fixed.

First of all I don't know where you are supposed to get a copy of
gswag32.dll. It doesn't come in the distribution pack of Emerald v2.2 or 2.5.

Nevertheless, I installed Emerald v2.2 on another machine and compared the
grid32.ocx, graph32.ocx, gsw32.exe and gswdll32.dll file dates. Those in
Emerald v2.2 were dated later (1997) than those on my production Emerald
v2.5 server. Unfortunately I have no idea where these original (1995)
versions came from. Copying the 1997 versions to the v2.5 server fixed the
problem and TS Graph is working fine.

Presumably your installation program didn't detect the older versions and
overwrite them. Could this be because your routines do not take account of
the date/time format here in Australia (and elsewhere in the world)? I
humbly suggest that you should update those routines if that is the case.

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