Re: [Emerald] TSGRAPH and Licence problem.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 09 Sep 1999 17:07:46 -0700

Glen Harvy wrote:
> I found the gswag32.dll file on the internet and put it into my Winnt
> directory. Re-installed Emerald 2.5 and was told everything worked fine.
> Using v2.5.278 of Emerald, when I click on the TSGraph icon - nothing
> happens. When I select TSGraph from the drop down menu list I get "Runtime
> error 429. You do not have a licence for this functionality". This causes
> Emerald to close down immediately. The licence I have shows in the box on
> the main screen correctly viz 3,000 MBR's.
> How do I get TSGraph to work?

Its not an Emerald license, its the run time license for that control.
I have no idea what file that is, as I don't have it here. Emerald
installs a run-time license for the controls it uses when you install
it. Check your *.log in the Emerald directory and see if there were
any errors or problems with the graph files when you installed it.


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