[Emerald] Texas ISP Tax

Eric Reeves ( tilex@alluvium.com )
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 10:26:31 -0500 (CDT)

Any of you ISP's running Emerald in Texas? How are you guys going to deal
with this wonderful new tax that's coming into effect October 1st? I've
been told Emerald is not going to support it until release 3.0, which is
quite a ways off.

For those of you unaware, us Texans must charge tax on anything past the
first $25 of Internet access, data processing, and "information services".
As I understand it, this means connectivity (dialup), web page creation
(but not hosting), and consulting services, but nothing else (not hosting
/ email boxes / etc). So we would have to have a method of selecting
which individual services are 'taxable', and then Emerald would have to
determine at the time of creating invoices whether or not the total amount
for 'taxable' services is more than $25, and if so, charge tax on the
total minus $25. EESH. It really stinks.

I was just wondering what other ISP's are going to do until then. We're
not running Emerald yet. As of right now, we generate invoices by hand
using Quickbooks, and will just be adding an item by hand for the tax for
each invoice. Blech.


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