Re: [Emerald] Radius user file

David Routh ( )
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 15:56:14 -0500

>> I'm lost...
>> The path looks fine... C:\Program Files\Emerald\Data\Users... When I run
>> the export on the Emerald server it creates the file just fine... When I
>> login and try it from another computer it won't create it.
>> I guess I don't understand the second part of your reply... making sure
>> Emerald understands or has access to it.
>IOW, do you have the directory:
>C:\Program Files\Emerald\Data
>on the machine that it will not work on?

Well, Hell! I thought the darn thing created it on the Emerald server...
OK, I've got my head out the dark now.

I'd like it to be created on the Emerald server at regular intervals since
we use Text Backup on Radius. What's the normal or recommended way to do

Thanks for your time.

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