[Emerald] Emerald is no longer correctly creating the radius "users" file

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sat, 4 Sep 1999 13:35:36 -0400

For some reason, Emerald 2.5.278 is no longer creating the radius "users"
file correctly. Every entry has the following format to it (missing radius

username Password = "password", Expiration = "Aug 11 2000"
= 1200
= 28800
= 0
= 2
= 1

The only thing I did recently to the RadAttributes table was:
Create a new column called NameNew (varchar(32))
Save the table.
Update RadAttributes set NameNew = Name
Rename Name to NameOld; rename NameNew to Name
Save the table.
update RadAttributes set NameOld = ' ' (can't be null)

As an experiment, I just ran the following to see what would happen:
update RadAttributes set NameOld = Name
I had Emerald recreate the "users" file and it's back to normal.

Why is Emerald using "NameOld" to generate the "users" file instead of

The reason why I recreated the column is because over 3 years ago when I
first started using Emerald and RadiusNT, the Name column was created as
varchar(25) and there are actually several radius attributes that are
somewhere between 26 and 32 characters.


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