Re: [Emerald] First invoice creation...

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 09:49:55 -0700

David Routh wrote:
> We're just getting ready to start adding customers to Emerald/RadiusNT and
> I had a question or two about the dates that show up when customers are
> entered in to the system...
> Basically once all the customers are entered we will switch to
> Emerald/RadiusNT and hopefully the invoices will be set up right... I've
> got RadiusNT running and Emerald is collecting accounting records...
> When I create a new customer and want the billing (email) to start on
> 10/1/99 then do I set it up as follows? (The Default Expire is set to 15).
> Created on: 9/2/99 (The date the customer is entered)
> Starts on: 9/2/99 (Same as above...the date the customer is entered)
> Paid thru: 10/1/99 (This is the date they are currently paid to, some might
> be later, 11/14/99, etc.)
> Billed thru: 10/1/99 (So Emerald would know they are paid to this date.)
> Last rec: ????? Would it be safe to set it to the same date as Created on?

The only date that matters to Emerald for billing is the BilledThru
date. The rest are insignificant. Set the BilledThru date to the
date you want the account to start being billed on.


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