[Emerald] MailSite

Donn Lasher ( dlasher@bossig.com )
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 08:31:26 -0700

How are people using Mailsite dealing with the aliases and forwards issue?

At 07:55 PM 9/1/99 -0400, Employment wrote:
>Strange, we had similar problems with Mailsite. But the problem only
>occured for a few days and then went away. (We think the max connections on
>the SQL server wasn't set high enough. It hasn't reoccured since we upped
>the max connections.)
>Mailsite server: PII 266, 256Megs RAM, NT4 sp5
>SQL Server 6.5: PII 266, 256 Megs RAM, NT4 sp5

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