Re: [Emerald] Payment Method

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 09:45:13 -0700

Tommy Cheng wrote:
> one of the issue is that in the emerald paymethods table, this is what we
> get
> PayMethod GroupID SortOrder
> --------------- ----------- ---------
> Bank Transfer (null) 5
> Credit Card (null) 4
> Custom (null) 6
> Invoice (null) 1
> Other (null) 7
> Purchase Order (null) 3
> Renewal (null) 2
> I do not see check or cash under paymethod..... so........ (actually i
> deleted them and add these in)

Thats because Cash and Check are NOT a Paymethod for Emerald.
They are a PaymentType, and are included in the PaymentTypes
table. Paymethod are the paymethods someone can choose
from, and are not really an editable list.

> speaking of tables... do you have the lastest table structure posted on the
> web? looking at insttab.sql, I can't find "credits" table for emerald 2.5.

Credits was/never will be used. The charges table houses both.


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