Re: [Emerald] New setup... Emerald/RadiusNT

David Routh ( )
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 14:17:05 -0500

>> Also, setting up RadiusNT and the ODBC DSN for it, I assumed (oops) I
>> needed to create a Data Source for (I called it Emerald) authentication to
>> use, but the "Check" fails saying "SELECT permission denied on object
>> "MasterAccounts", database "Emerald", owner "dbo".
>> Do I need to change the permissions on the login I created for Emerald? Or
>> am I somewhat lost here...
>What I do is create an SQL user named RadiusNT and put them into the
>EmeraldApps group. Then configure RadiusNT to login as that user.

OK, but what DSN do I use when configuring Authentication/Accounting in
RadiusNT?... the Emerald one I created above but use RadiusNT as the login
after putting it in the EmeraldApps group.

Sorry, I just want to get this right...

Thanks, David

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