[Emerald] Technical Support/Sales

Patti Raatz ( (no email) )
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 12:26:41 -0500

I am in a mission critical position and I can't get assistance because you
people haven't received my check in the mail.

I will be stopping payment on the check coming to you...I am losing
customers because they can't authenticate and haven't been able to use my
service for the last 48 hours. The loss of 7 customers out of 148 doesn't
bring in much revenue and it isn't going to do much for future referrals.

I have e-mailed for assistance and rec'd no response...today I called and
was told I didn't own the software or service contract and that I needed to
buy them both before I would get any support (quite to the contrary of what
I was told during my "Quick Start").

There were a couple of things I wanted to try out and use during my trial
period with the program...would anyone return my calls or e-mails...nope. I
sent the check to purchase the program last week, can I get any assistance
during a mission critical problem...nope, supposedly because my check hasn't
been recieved. Am I going to put it on my charge card...not a chance, it is
linked to my checking account and the last time I had a situation like this
I ended up with bouncing checks because the check was cashed and the charge
was made...on the same day! I'm not going through that again.

Don't get me wrong, I am not giving up my service or my business, I will
just find a company that is a little more flexible and alot more helpful.
Which is too bad because I do like the Emerald program.

Am I cranky...you bet I am. I have gotten a total of 6 hours sleep and
three meals since last Thursday because of all of these problems.

Thank you.

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