[Emerald] New setup... Emerald/RadiusNT

David Routh ( drouth@davlin.net )
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 11:25:58 -0500


I'm just begining to setup Emerald/RadiusNT and had a couple of questions...

When setting up RadiusNT is it best to use ODBC and Text or ODBC and Text
Backup (and From Database)... I'd basically like customers to be able to
authenticate if the SQL server goes on vacation... is this typical? any
suggestions are welcome.

Also, setting up RadiusNT and the ODBC DSN for it, I assumed (oops) I
needed to create a Data Source for (I called it Emerald) authentication to
use, but the "Check" fails saying "SELECT permission denied on object
"MasterAccounts", database "Emerald", owner "dbo".

Do I need to change the permissions on the login I created for Emerald? Or
am I somewhat lost here...

Thanks, and yes I'm new to databases and such.


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