Re: [Emerald] ICVerify and Credit Card exp date

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 19:07:56 -0700

Ted Beckwith wrote:
> > Emerald doesn't specify the format for the expiration, so assuming
> > that its in MMYY format (although the most popular) is not cast
> > in stone. I don't understand the difference between saying "expiration
> > dates must be entered in MMYY format" and "expiration dates must be
> > entered in YYMM format". Emerald still can't enforce either. :(
> While it's true that Emerald can't enforce the format, it is Emerald
> (and not ICVerify) that can allow me to use expiration dates that follow
> an established format in our database.
> Surely you have recieved dozens of complaints with regards to this
> issue. (I personally wasted 30 minutes of your support staff's time on
> the phone today, not to mention the time it will take to reverse the
> expiration dates in our database). Why not just create a "fix", as I
> have suggested above, by adding a new CC Batch format that would that
> would flip MMYY to YYMM?

Ok. This issue hasn't been around that long. Its specific to IC
and only IC Verify, and many current customers who know of this problem
do have date formats in both ways. If we assume one format, then
all of the old ones will fail from that version on if we flip them.
Not a good thing.

> I didn't hear from any other ISPs about what they have done to solve
> this problem. I can't believe everyone using ICVerify has to enter exp.
> dates in the Emerald database in a YYMM format.

Thats because they just enter them in YYMM format and don't worry about
it. IMHO, the discussion about this is way larger than the problem
itself is. I will work on an RFE for Emerald 3 to handle this better,


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