Re: [Emerald] ICVerify and Credit Card exp date

Ted Beckwith ( )
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 18:52:32 -0400

"Dale E. Reed Jr." wrote:
> Ted Beckwith wrote:
> >
> > We just batched our first billing with Emerald using ICVerify and were
> > unpleasantly surprised to find that ICVerify needs the expiration date
> > reversed (YYMM instead of MMYY) for any date past 01/00. I spoke to IEA
> > support and their only comment on the issue was "emerald only puts out
> > what you enter into it". I really don't want to go into emerald and
> > change all of the expiration dates to be backwards.
> Backwards is from the perspective of what you need. From IC Verify's
> perspective, you are entering the dates backwards. :(
> > What are others doing to get around this problem? why can't iea-software
> > just change the way it creates the text file for ICVerify?
> Because each CC processing system has different requiresments.
> Thats how IC Verify wants it, and there isn't a lot we can do
> about it. This is a known issue that has been around for a while
> now (since CC companies starting issuing year 2000 and higher
> expiring dates).

How hard would it be to make emerald come up with the format that
ICVerify requires? Emerald already modifies the date, e.g. by changing
9/01 into 0901. why not take the extra step and make it 0109? You could
even make a seperate CC Batch format that wouldn't conflict with the
existing ICVerify format.



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