[Emerald] problem with old invoices.

Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Fri, 13 Aug 1999 11:01:56 -0400

Hi to the list,

From time to time they just seem to pop up in strange and different

Yesterday we did a second batch-out on our CC's. There was a charge
came up at the top of the batch for a customer that was to expire 9/4/99.
They have been with us for years (1996) and have a long history in Emerald
back to 1/97. (Aroung the time we started using Emerald)
The date that was used was 8/22/99, we run the cards 10 days in advance
to give us time to call bad cards etc. The exp., billed thru and paid thru
dates were all
9/4/99. The card should not have been run in the first place but it was.
We batched it out to ICVerify and it was approved along with the others.
When we
batched it back in to Emerald all went well. No errors on this credit card.
BUT when we look at history it does not show up. The last entry in
the history file is a voided invoice dated 8/5/99. (The reason that it was
voided was a new employee ran the CC's and batched that out with the wrong
This was one of the 300+ we voided that day.)
When we type in the trans number, from the icverify list, we get an
dated 3/13/97????
Emerald 2.5.236 was the version we ran this on. Is this a known

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