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Nathan Haywood ( nhaywood@whro.org )
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 09:38:07 -0400

I'd be interested in giving it a try... We use ServU to host the FTP
access to our "Members' Webspace"

Nathan Haywood
WHRO System Engineer
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Subject: Re: [Emerald] FTP Serv-U 2.5A
From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <daler@iea-software.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 09:30:47 -0700

"David V. Brenner" wrote:
> It won't work unless you use real drive letters and those drive
letters are
> the same on both the Serv-U machine and every machine running Emerald.
> Then, of course, you also have login issues, as I do not think that
> drives are available prior to login. Some people don't mind leaving a
> server logged in all the time, but it's not something I care to do.
> Stick with 2.5 or lower or you'll lose UNC capability. Rob Beckers
> already stated that UNC "support" was actually a bug and that he has
> intention of building it back in any time soon. Apparently, it was a
> difficult bug to introduce the first time around. :-)
> So far, 2.5 is working well for me. I haven't had one call about FTP
> trouble since implementing emerauth.

I've been talking to Rob Beckers about this problem, and he being
very cooperative to get a special build of Serv-U that supports
UNCs. This build will only be available from us and is specifically
patched to support Emerald/UNCs. If you have Serv-U 2.5 running with
UNCs and would like to try this version, please send mail DIRECTLY
to myself, and I will get it to you. I'm looking for a couple of
people to try it and make sure there are no problems, then we will
put it on our FTP site.


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