Re: [Emerald] I'm in Trouble

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Thu, 12 Aug 1999 08:23:12 -0400

Have you tried re-booting the machine and then getting rid of the file?

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On 8/12/99, at 1:25 AM, Patti Raatz wrote:

>I'm not sure what is going on...maybe someone here can help me.
>Quite suddenly today, many of my customers could not navigate the web.=
>them ping and received time out error messages, had them traceroute and=
>get an error message (that my blonde brain can't remember at the moment=
>I didn't write it down...duh).
>So I started looking through my hard drive after calling my upstream and
>being told they couldn't find a problem.
>What I found was a notepad file (named sql.log) that was 1.39GB in size!
>Looking at the properties told me the file was created 7/7/99 at 10:54 PM
>(the latest I stay at the office is 10:30PM and on Wed nights I was
>I've tried to open the file and lock up the server tight! I've tried to
>delete the file and told I can't because of a sharing violation!
>I have recovered some of my drive space by compressing the file but at the
>rate it is growing, I fear for my system and my customers loss of
>understanding. I don't know where this file came from, what it is doing,=
>how to get rid of it....any suggestions?
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