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talon ( (no email) )
Tue, 10 Aug 1999 12:15:08 -0500

ok, I am looking at the scheduled task..
SQLMAINT.EXE -D Emerald -CkDBNoIdx -CkAlNoIdx -UpdSts -BkUpDB C:\MSSQL\BACKUP -BkUpOnlyIfClean -BkUpMedia DISK -DelBkUps 4 -Rpt C:\MSSQL\LOG\Emerald_maint.rpt

Type: CmdExec

Where do I chose to INIT so that it overwrites instead of appends?
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From: "Dale E. Reed Jr." <>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 10:03:05 -0700

>talon wrote:
> I noticed that we are running out of physical hard drive space on our emerald server... I was poking around and inside the MSSQL\BACKUP
> directory, it contains 2 gigs of information. We backup the emerald database every night on tape. Is it safe to delete the contents of this backup folder? How do I track down the task that is creating this backup as well?

What you probably want to do is set the task to INIT the
backup device, so it overrides it, rather than appending to it.

Use Enterprise Manager, Manage Scheduled Tasks to see the
tasks and change them.


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