[Emerald] Great feature request.

Brad Teague ( Teague@NetworksPlus.com )
Thu, 5 Aug 1999 15:56:34 -0500

I know this is one of those little piddly "aesthetic" things, but I've found
something that would be nice to have is the ability to right click on more
stuff and have options. .. that's just in general.

specifically, I think a great thing would be to have on the right click
"alternate click" menu would be the "Windows List" I know I get tired of
going back to the top of my screen and down two menus just to get to the
other window open. Along those same lines, if you would like to get somewhat
advanced with the windows. I thought that having a small toolbar at the
bottom of the screen to allow you to quickly jump between open windows would
be nice as well. I know that I always leave the child windows maximized and
so I never remember what I have open behind them.. This would prevent that
problem and make it easy to jump to those windows.

Just some thoughts.
Brad Teague

Brad Teague - teague@networksplus.com
Network Administrator
Networks Plus

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