Re: [Emerald] Emer-2.5x ,Rockliffe and virtual domains

Donn Lasher ( )
Mon, 02 Aug 1999 08:10:46 -0700

Yes, it works perfectly, and I must say, I don't know why anyone is using
anything else BUT Mailsite.

You have to make sure the "Email Address" field of the Service is correct,
IE and but the domain name is a
reply item that mailsite uses. It works like a charm!

Hats off to Rockliffe for making such a great product.

(you have to make sure you have the newer than 2.5.6xx admin so it lets you
enter DUPE usernames)

>I would like to know if anyone on the list has had success using Emerald 2.5
>with unique logins per group and associating those groups with virtual mail
>servers in Rockliffe (database boxes)?
>Do I have everyone confused yet!!??
>Group#1 "isp1" Domain=
>Group#2 "isp2" Domain=
>Group 1 and 2 can have same login names. (I understand that can now be done
>with 2.5) My question is--- Can Rockliffe handle a POP3 user "bob" in
>Group1 ( and a POP3 user "bob" in group2 (
>out of the Emerald DB using Database mailboxes?

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