[Emerald] aging tab

Ed Kuchar ( emerald@nls.net )
Sun, 01 Aug 1999 22:18:09 -0400

In emerald 2.2 and earlier, the payment tab (now aging tab) used to show
all open invoices. When payments were applied, the invoices would
disappear off that tab. In version 2.5.278, only 1 invoice shows on the
tab, and when it is paid it remains until a new invoice is generated. Is
this by design? It was very useful to be able to go to the payments tab to
see all the open invoices, rather then spending 10 minutes trying to figure
out what has been paid and what has not. We have a lot of users that add
services, and therefore we have multiple invoices (manually created in pre
2.5) on accounts.

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