[Emerald] Default Expire Advice...

Eric ( ejensen@accnorwalk.com )
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 13:41:08 -0400

We have a small problem with setting up new users. If we setup a new user
and set the expire, paid thru, and billed thru dates to the date we want
them billed next, then a pro-rated charge gets applied to the account with
no way of editing it. I have found that I can set the "Default Expire" in
Emerald Admin to 365 days (to cover yearly accounts), and it will not
charge them any pro-rate charges. I am concerned that this may cause
problems down the road!
We would use the pro-rate, but we have 5 POP's and 3 different tax rates.
The accounting dept. checks through and marks the accounts that have
"cents" in their amount when we do the month end, and with the pro-rate
this would pose a slight nightmare!
Since there is no way to turn off the pro-rate, and the only solution I can
think of is to set the "Default Expire" to 365, can anyone think of any
possible problems we could encounter by doing this? Or, any other ideas
would be appreciated!
Thanks for the help,
Eric Jensen

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