Re: [Emerald] locate a user by date/time and IP address

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 10:16:16 -0400

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From: Chris Cover <>
> How is it possible to discover who was on at such-and-such
> time and such-and-such IP address?

In Emerald, click on the Online button, then check the "Search all calls"
option. Enter in the info there.

Or, use something like the SQL script I attached ("IP Address to


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filename="IP Address to Username.sql"

/* Username associated with IP address at specific point in time */

/* If a STOP record (AcctStatusType=3D2) was not entered into the */
/* database by radius, this script will not work. */

DECLARE @datetime char(20)
DECLARE @IPAddress char(15)

SELECT @datetime =3D '7/3/99 11:29am'
SELECT @IPAddress =3D ''

SELECT Username,
"Start Of Session" =3D DateAdd(Second, 0 - AcctSessionTime - =
AcctDelayTime, CallDate),
"End Of Session" =3D DateAdd(Second, 0 - AcctDelayTime, =
"Seconds" =3D AcctSessionTime,
"IP Address" =3D FramedAddress,
FROM Calls
WHERE DateAdd(Second, 0 - AcctSessionTime - AcctDelayTime, CallDate) =
<=3D @datetime
AND DateAdd(Second, 0 - AcctDelayTime, CallDate) >=3D @datetime
AND FramedAddress =3D @IPAddress
AND AcctStatusType =3D 2