Re: [Emerald] Purchase Order Error

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 15:07:52 -0700

Ed Miller wrote:
> PayMethod GroupID SortOrder
> --------------- ----------- ---------
> Cash (null) (null)
> Check (null) (null)
> Purchase Order (null) (null)
> Credit Card (null) 1
> Invoice (null) 1
> Master Card (null) (null)
> Other (null) 1
> (7 row(s) affected)
> There is a space in front of Cash, Check and Purchase Order not Credit Card,
> Invoice, Master Card or Other

Thats the problem. There should not be a space in front of those
three (thats a V2.2 thing). The Purchase order option is actually
going away in the next release.

> A quick question.
> Is there a script that will change the Sub Accounts of inactive Master
> Accounts to inactive from active?
> It does not change when inactivate the account.

Its not a tough script, but it doesn't matter. If the MasterAccount is
inactive, the SubAccounts are irrelevant (active or inactive). Emerald
ignores all MBRs that are inactive, including their services.


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