Re: [Emerald] upgrade

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 12:57:22 -0400

From: Network Operation Centre <>
> Has anyway had any trouble with Radlog not working after upgrading to
> 2.5.278 ?
> Now when users dialup and say they can not get on and I goto radlog
> at all comes up for anyone. Where as before it told me who didnt get on
> why.

Was this an upgrade from Emerald 2.1 (or 2.2) to 2.5? If so, I ran into the
same problem and had to write a script for ISQL to fix this. I included it
below. I THINK there may be one thing missing from each that may produce
errors when running. I wrote the script back in Feb. of this year and
something apparently changed with the upgrade procedures included in 2.5.278
(as opposed to earlier 2.5 versions) because when I ran it on the production
server instead of my testing machine, it was missing something. After
modifying the script slightly, I never saved it because I knew I wouldn't be
running it again.

I would run the following select statements before altering anything, just
to be sure that you need to run the updates in the first place:
select * from radatconfigs
select * from radatconfigs_old
select * from radconfigs
select * from radconfigs_old

If your "radatconfigs" and "radconfigs" tables are empty, but the "..._old"
ones are not, then you have the same problem that I had.

/* update scripts: */

delete from radatconfigs
insert into radatconfigs
(accounttype, radattributeid, radvendorid, radvendortype, data, value,
select accounttype, radattributeid, radvendorid, radvendortype, data,
value, radcheck
from radatconfigs_old

delete from radconfigs
insert into radconfigs
(AccountID, RadAttributeID, RadVendorID, RadVendorType, Data, Value,
select AccountID, RadAttributeID, RadVendorID, RadVendorType, Data, Value,
from radconfigs_old

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