[Emerald] SQL Error Adding Main Account

Jason ( (no email) )
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 16:31:36 -0500

Ok, when I go to add a new user to Emerald (ver. 2.5.278) and save the info
I get a message back saying "SQL Error Adding Main Account" I click OK on
that error and I get a new box that has the whole query in it, click on OK
there and that's it, just goes back to the main accounts tab. I called IEA
and since I have no service contract got placed in the call queue so I await
word from them. Anyone here have any ideas? I've rebooted everything,
Emerald server, SQL server, NAS's, everything. The problem started about
the same time I was trying to get RRAS to auth thru RadiusNT. Some of our
RAS users were not setup on Emerald and started to call in, I went to add
them and blamo...not able to add users. So I set RRAS back to auth thru NT
and rebooted that machine <rant> why can't M$ fix that? </rant>. Still not
able to add users to Emerald. The Tech guy said make sure it is not running
in debug mode...it's not.

Thanks much!!

Jason Roblyer

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