Re: [Emerald] Add a Linux User from Emerald?

Alexander Blauvelt ( )
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 14:18:33 -0400 (EDT)

> > > ADD login password accounttype expire ...
> > > DEL login
> > > PWD login password
> > >
> > > etc into that file, which you can then write a script to interpret
> > > and process. Usually ISPs already have a set of scripts they
> > > manually use, which they just need to write a front-end piece
> > > for.
> >
> > What would one do if they wanted just type of service for this to work
> > for?
> You go into the Emerald Admin, Accounting section and you can
> specify which service types have that external system. Then only
> those types will be sent (the rest are ignored).
> As a side note, the two files can go to two different unix machines,
> or you can use one as a log and one as the working file. You can
> also define multiple external systems to multiple servers (say for
> example you have to boxes, one does personal webs and one does
> commercial webs) you could create two service types and associate
> one to each external system.

Last question, how often or when does emerald write out the file for
processing ?

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