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Don Barron ( (no email) )
Fri, 9 Jul 1999 03:30:08 +0930

does this script run as a report ?

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> >i am looking for a report that would tell you the sales done for that
> >and if possible the taxes on them
> >so that we can complete our sales tax forms
> This depends on how your bookkeeper/accountant defines a sale. Our
> bookkeeper, accountant, general manager, and I all had differing oppinions
> about how to correctly define this and the accountant has changed his own
> views several times in the past about it. In other words, find out from
> your bookkeeper/accountant the most precise definition possible for what
> he/she wants to see at the end of every month. The one I use may not be
> suitable for you.
> We recently upgraded from Emerald 2.1 to 2.5, so I had to rewrite all of
> accounting scripts (I never got a chance to convert them into Crystal
> Reports layout). None of them include taxes, because we don't use them,
> you could probably add them to the scripts without too much effort.
> Anyway, the script I attached to this message is what I wrote for
> sales (via ISQL/w). Because we have two special billing groups called
> "Trade" and "Charity" that need to be "separated" from all other normal
> paying billing groups, I had to make exceptions for them in the script.
> your case, you may need to simply remove the sections that deal with them.
> Josh Hillman

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