[Emerald] Serv-U Quotas

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Tue, 6 Jul 1999 11:22:24 -0700

Serv-U and Emerald have been working very well together with one exception.
The quota (size limit) I set in Emerald Admin is not being enforced.

Did I perhaps set something in Serv-U that's overriding the size limit

Also, what if a user needs more space? 10240 (10 megs) is our default, but
some people like to buy more and we'd like to offer it in 5-meg increments.
Setting up the service is not the issue, though. We simply want to be able
to modify the quota on a per-user basis and have it enforced.

David V. Brenner - dvb@cport.com
International Services Network Corporation

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