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Jeffrey Stevison ( (no email) )
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 23:13:34 -0500

OK, but if I don't change the expire date when setting up a new account I
get an error message. What do I set the dates to when I set up the account?
what do I set the expire date to if I want it to do monthly billing?

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> "Jeffrey O. Stevison" wrote:
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> > Ok here's the deal. We give a 10 day free trial to our customers. We
> > on the first of the month and use the monthly billing option. After
> > upgrading to the latest emerald it is prorating for some people. What
> > is used to determine the prorate of a partial month on a new customer?
> > dates should go where? How does this work? Is it written in the manual
> > somewhere?
> The prorate is based on the number of days left in the month, minus the
> number of "free" days you give. The number of free days is configured
> in the Emerald admin, Client Config section. Default Expire. You would
> want to make sure your default expire is set to 10.
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