[Emerald] Can't delete MBR

WayneG ( (no email) )
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 11:50:35 -0500

I get the following errors when trying to delete a certain MBR with ver

SQL Server Error: 547 DELETE statement conflicted with COLUMN REFERENCE
constraint 'FK_CallHisto_Charg_471C9436'. The conflict occurred in database
'Emerald', table 'CallHistory', column 'ChargeID' State= 2, Severity= 16
SQL Server Error: 3621 Command has been aborted. State= 0, Severity= 0
Error Deleting Charges Items

Also, when trying to VOID an invoice in this account, I get a "Run-time
error '13' Type mismatch" and Emerald closes.

Thank you,