[Emerald] Emerald Mailer

Mark Lipscombe ( (no email) )
Sat, 26 Jun 1999 23:57:51 +1000

Is there any way of modifying the output which Emerald makes when mailing
out invoices?

I know I can modify einvoice.rpt, and have done so, but what I really need
in addition to that is two things:

1. The ability to output using HTML (ie being able to change/set the
Content-type to text/html), so formatted invoices output correctly,
considering most Windows-based mail clients do not, by default, use a fixed
width font. I could probably do this by setting up a dummy mail server
using Perl or something, and then have it change the headers, add a
<pre></pre> around the message body and then forward it to a real
mailserver, but that would be a *very* messy path *eek* :^)

2. Is there any way to strip the X-Mailer header short of the aforementioned
method? The less a customer knows about what billing software we use, the