Re: [Emerald] Aliases

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 13:13:16 -0700

"David V. Brenner" wrote:
> I've noticed that I can create new services with logins that match existing
> aliases. Will this be prevented in a future build of Emerald? After all,
> we don't want to accidentally give a new user a login that's already being
> used as an alias within the same domain.

Yes, it will be. The Alias/Forward section is not supported by any
currently External System, so this isn't a problem yet. :)

> Also, it isn't really clear what Emerald expects with regard to format for
> aliases. That is, if alias functionality was all it could be (that is, with
> mail servers pulling alias values from the Emerald database), what would
> Emerald expect to see - "user" or "" ?

Its up to the mail server. Same may only allow the first, where as
may allow either. Again, there isn't current support for this in mail
servers (although many are ushing to it), so the details are still

> Lastly, is there any chance of full integration with IMail on this level? I
> understand the problem currently lies with IMail not reading the Emerald
> database for aliases and forwards, but are there any future plans for it
> that you know of? It's not so much that we want to not enter data
> redundantly, but rather that we don't want to inadvertently assign names
> that are already in use within other systems.

You need to consult with Ipswitch on this and put it your requests with
them, that as a current customer, you would like, no, heavly request
feature. We can beg and plead with vendors all we want, but until their
paying customers start to show interest/demand for features, they don't
take us seriously. We have all the support for the Aliases/Forwards in
EmerAuth, but just need an API on the mailserver to use it. :)

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