RE: [Emerald] REPORTS HELP!!!!

Brad Teague ( )
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 10:19:25 -0500

This is with SQL server 6.5
Each emerald session may have multiple sql server connections. This is why
you have hit your limit.
To change your "user connections" limit, follow these steps.

1. Go into your SQL server enterprise manager
2. right click on your server (the topmost level)
3. on the pop-up menu, click on "configure"
4. in that box, click on the tab called "configuration"
5. scroll down to the value "user connections"
6. in the white, change this number to something larger than what it is,
something like 100.

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> Subject: [Emerald] REPORTS HELP!!!!
> We have had some report problems, but for a little while most have been
> working.
> Today, all of a sudden, from all client machines when running any reports
> we get this error
> StartPrintJob in PrintCustom caused and error: Cannot find SQL Server
> We need this to work.
> Emerald is authenticating users and otherwise things seem to be working.
> UPDATE INFO: I checked the application event viewer and the SQL message
> says
> Unable to connect. The maximum number of 15 configured user connections
> are already connected. System admin can configure to a higher value with
> sp_configure.
> We have 2 people using Emerald Clients and we don't yet have mailsite or
> external programs making connections to the database. Where are the 15
> connections coming from and how to fix it and prevent it in the future.
> I am new to SQL and Emerald
> Thanks,
> John