[Emerald] Query / rebatch

Alexander Blauvelt ( online@olg.com )
Tue, 22 Jun 1999 09:23:15 -0400

Hi Dale and crew,

I need a query that will pull the username (login + "@olg.com" type
thing) and full name of everyone in the batch screen with failed
transactions. I don't want the expired cards (E1), just ones that are
ND and NR.

The query I came up with is this:

select sa.login + '@olg.com', ma.firstname + ' ' + ma.lastname
from ExternalTrans e, MasterAccounts ma, SubAccounts sa, invoices i
WHERE ma.customerid = sa.customerid
AND e.InvoiceID = i.InvoiceID
AND ma.CustomerId = i.CustomerID
and (e.response = "ND" or e.response = "NR")
and e.transtype != 8 and e.transtype != 7
and sa.sendbill=1

However, this pulls 518+- customers and the batch list only has 300
failed transactions, including the expired cards. What other criteria
am I missing? What criteria is used to display the transactions in the
batch window ? I need that query with a small modification to remove
expired cards from the list.

Online Gateway, Inc.