Re: [Emerald] Problems with the Transaction logs...

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 20:09:02 -0400

From: Robert H. Clugston <>
> I've had a couple of occasions where my Emerald log device has filled up.
>This kept my users from being able to log in. What is the best to protect
>against this automagically?

Go into SQL Enterprise Manager
Click on the "+" next to your SQL server name.
Right-click on Database Devices and choose New Device.
Name: EmeraldLogs (or whatever you want)
Size: ?? (mine is 25MB but 99% of the time, only about 1MB is
being used)
Click on Create Now
Click on the "+" next to Databases
Double-click on Emerald
Click on Expand
Data Device: (none)
Log Device: EmeraldLogs (or whatever you named it above)
Size: (same as the value you selected above)
Click on Expand Now
Click on the Options tab.
Check "Truncate Log on Checkpoint" to keep the logs small.
Note: by doing this, you won't be able to backup the
transaction logs when doing a diskdump (backup).
Click Ok.

This will prevent your transaction logs from causing problems with running
out of space for your data.

Josh Hillman