RE: [Emerald] The billing problem is back!!! V 2.5.287

Todd Hutchinson ( )
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 07:14:16 -0700

Please disregard this was in an out box that must not have been sent. Which explains why I had to retype it once.

Todd Hutchinson

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So, "it doesn't work" is not the question, the question is when will it?
Also how do we get onto the beta list? We have a small enough group of
users that we can work on emerald at 2am and not be bumping anyone off line
when we reboot machines.

I know that you field most of the questions here, I informed you that it
stopped working back around 2.5.227. Then you fixed it, somewhere around
2.5.243 and sometime later it stopped working again around 2.5.287.

-Todd Hutchinson

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Todd Hutchinson wrote:
> When you invoice next term the amount is correct in the total
box, but the balance field in wrong by 4 cents.
> Amounts used.
> Term 12 months
> Discount 16.9454
> amount 14.95
> Total for the year that we want is 149.00 Not 149.04

This has been discussed a lot here and the archive contains a full
summary of it. The problem with 149.00, if that it simply doesn't
work. If you look at your amount*quantity on the invoice, it does
NOT match the invoice total on the old ones of 149.00.


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