Re: [Emerald] SQL server crashed twice in 2 days

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 29 May 1999 21:21:58 -0700

david leigh wrote:
> Hi All
> After months of rock solid operation our SQL server (6.5) has now crashed
> twice in the last two days - its running Emerald 2.5.261
> On the most recent occassion it spat out two gigabytes of error logs with
> one line being repeated literally billions of times.
> 99/05/3 00:00.13.27 (and numerous times per every hundredth of a second)
> spid2 bufdiscard: WARNING, page 21067 (dbid 6, bp 0x1253b80) has
> stat0x1000/0 (), skipping
> Does anyone have any ideas about this? I'm beginning to get very nervous
> about the stability of my box, and I'm losing precious beauty sleep :(

I would recommend copying the data out to another SQL Server
or database and then dropping/re-creating the database. There is
probably an inconsitency in the database that is causing problems.


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