Re: [Emerald] Amount Due and Totals dont match

PowerNet ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 May 1999 11:47:33 -0400

We have the same thing with our invoices.
If you take a look at what is happening on the invoice.
Take $17.50 x 12
Take $16.54 x 12
Add the totals together and you get your Total.

This is not correct, but it works as far as the total amout due.
The tax amount is the total tax and should be divided by 12.

This is not a solution to your problem, but now you can understand what is=
happening on the invoice.

We figured this out the hard way also.


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On 5/28/99, at 10:13 AM, Burl Smith wrote:

>We are running Emerald 2.5.261 and have a problem with our totals. I am=
getting swamped with calls from customers who have invoices
>which will say for example:
>Description Amount Quantity Tax=
>jdoe Annual Account $17.50 12 $16.54=
> AMOUNT DUE: $226.54
>The amount due is always correct but the total is nowhere near correct. Of=
course this confuses the customers and causes us lots of extra work.
>We have checked their account and they have no other open balances. Where=
is it getting the $408.45 from? Please Help!
>Burl Smith