Re: [Emerald] SQL woes with emerald and radius

Darren Clissold ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 May 1999 05:01:47 +1000

Nothing seems to be lost in the way of user data.

But ruunning the scripts didn't help the problem.

I'm going to look through the old server database to try and get idea of
what is missing.

I would like to be at least be able to delete MBR's as well as subaccount
entries, I can live with only being able to edit and add using the sa user
for now, but do eventually want other users back up and working.

Darren Clissold
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From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, May 27, 1999 2:37 AM
Subject: Re: [Emerald] SQL woes with emerald and radius

>> Darren Clissold wrote:
>> We recently had our server go down due to a disk failure.
>> I now have a new server up but there are a couple of problems.
>> The database was on another machine that was having hardware problems
>> so we transfered it to the new one.
>> Everyone is logging in on modems OK and getting validated for email.
>It looks like you did not get all of the objects transferred. You might
>be able to re-run the insttabs.sql and instproc.sql scripts to re-create
>them, but I would be more concerned about the lost data.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
>IEA Software, Inc.