[Emerald] REPOST: MBR/Services/Login/Radius - Attribute Discrepancies

Albert Churba ( Albert@dialisdn.com )
Tue, 25 May 1999 08:42:38 -0400


Please respond to this posting. This is causing us many headaches.

Thank you.

> This appears to be a bug in Emerald version 2.5.261.
> Platform: NT40/SP4, SQL 7.0
> All of the SQL daily scheduled maintenance plans complete without error,
> therefor database consistency appears correct.
> First:
> A large portion of our profiles have defined radius attributes for
> sub-accounts. The first attribute is typically User-Service Framed-User
> (AttribID 6, ValueID 2). When sub-account radius attributes are displayed
> the attribute value pair is not displayed correctly. It is almost as if
> the SQL query returns the wrong data. The data that is displayed is
> AttribID 6, ValueID 1 (Login-User) BUT the Attribute (text words)
> indicates Framed-User. I though that this was cosmetic and was
> disregarding the wrongly display information. I have now seen that if any
> modification to the radius profile is made, the ValueID of 1 is somehow
> written along with the updated record. This error causes the login attempt
> to fail, thus a support call to be answered. I have seen the same behavior
> with other User-Service ValueID values.
> Second:
> Depending upon the installed versions of Internet Explorer i.e., 4 or 5,
> the radius attributes for a sub-account will not be displayed the second
> time a sub-account login is viewed. Example, search for a login with the
> accounts screen, then double click on the desired login. This will open
> the MBR on the services tab under the general tab for the selected login.
> Next select the radius tab. At this point the first item above comes into
> play with incorrectly displayed AttribID and ValueID for the first entry.
> In an attempt to refresh the display, highlight the login under the
> services tab and click the Edit button, then move to the radius tab and
> the display is BLANK no defined attributes!
> These problems are not isolated to any single workstation, but appear on
> all working installations of the Emerald client.
> Please advise.