Re: [Emerald] calculating termed-discount values

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 May 1999 15:21:22 -0400

From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
>I suppose an alternate display it this way:
>Login Description Cost Quantity Discount Item Total
>------ ----------- ----- -------- -------- ----------
>daler PPP Dialup 25.00 12 33.3333 200.00
>Although the discount isn't appealing in that format. :( I
>just have to make sure that the numbers on the invoice actual
>come out when your customer is doing the math.

I hadn't thought of that option. The discount may look weird, but the
dollar figures are normal and precise in both cases and I'd think the
customer would be paying closer attention to those than the odd-looking
discount, so your idea above just might be the trick to maintain complete
accuracy as well as nice, round totals. If this route is taken, then then a
CR option can be set to not display the discount if it's 0.0... That way,
the invoice doesn't look cluttered for invoices containing many
non-discounted items.

The only other way that I can think of doing this while maintaining the
accuracy is to show the cost (discounted), and have it not be 16.67, but be
carry it out a few more decimals to something like $16.6667 (my thought from
earlier messages). I think though by doing it this way, it'd be stranger
looking than the detailed discount display.

How do Discounts.Percent play a role in these? I haven't looked into those
yet, in combination with the termed discounts. Luckily, we only have one
value that's set to something other than 0.00 or 100.00 and because it's an
employee discount (for partnered companies), it's not a big deal to us. I
don't even know if it's used anymore.