Re: [Emerald] logging into emerald
Fri, 21 May 1999 14:05:12 -0500

No my number of connections is is set to 50. This has
something to do with concurrent connections. Since 2.5 I can't log
the same user on more then once. This doesn't work to good since we
use a web account for certain access to the Emerald DB and sometimes
it opens more than one simultaneous connection.

On Fri, 21 May 1999 10:26:45 -0700, you wrote:

> wrote:
>> I noticed since moving to Emerald 2.5 that you can't log into Emerald
>> more than once with one username. Is this something related to
>> Emerald or SQL?
>> We did install SQL on a new server when we moved to 2.5 and it may be
>> an SQL setting that I'm missing.
>You probably need to up your connections. Right click over your=20
>SQL Server in Enterprise Manager, select configute, go to third tab,
>find user connections, and set ito a high number (like 50).