[Emerald] IMAIL and the DLL.....

talon ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 May 1999 17:27:36 EST

1. Changed Verification in IMail to External.
2. Set the path c:\IMAILDLL\MAIL.DLL
3. Set DSN and TABLE NAME to nothing ( blank )
4. Went into Emerald Admin, Created and External System Imail(1)
5. Associated the group 56k/64k under global to use the external system
6. Went into Eaadmn.exe, NTMAIL, set External ID to 1
7. In emerald created an account called test password test
I left the email field empty.
8. I tried to login to the email account.. it didnt work
9. I filled in the email space in emerald test@blah.com
10. Still could not log in..

Did I miss a step?

- Tim