Re: [Emerald] calculating termed-discount values

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 May 1999 11:25:20 -0700

PowerNet wrote:
> With our rates at $25 per month and annual at $200, you are paying for 8 months getting 4 free.
> You started from an odd number to begin with, our work out that way.
> It should be exactly 1/3 discount or 33.3333% which worked in the old Emerald 2.5.278
> Dale! How many decimal places will Emerald 2.5.285 use to calculate the discount?

278 is broke, and not a GA.

Emerald carries the decimals to atleast 4 places. But as I noted
earlier, you have to come up with a line item (per month) cost
to use with the quantity (12 months) to get the line item total.
The line item cost has to be a dollar value, which is currently
limited to normal currency (pennies).

Working backwards:

200 / 12 = 16.66666....

However, 16.66 * 12 = 199.92 and 16.67 (the rounding Calculation that
Emerald 285 is using) is 200.04. If you look closely at your 278
invoice, the numbers simply do *NOT* add up, and a smart customer will
see that right away.


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