[Emerald] Billing Problem - Wierd!

Jason Powell ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 May 1999 08:03:31 -0700

O.K.....this is what is happening. First of all, we do NOT have our
accounts set to balance forward. When I batched on Monday the 17th,
accounts that were not yet paid were invoiced and the balance was
forwarded. However, I noticed when one of the customers paid for 2
months the following day(18th), that new invoice that was created on
the 17th did not move the date forward. Even though it carried the
balance over, the dates stayed the same as the previous unpaid
ALSO, when doing the daily batching on the night of the 18th, it
re-invoiced all the people who had been invoiced the night before
that had balances forwarded.

We are using Emerald Version 2.5.263.

Will the upgrade fix this issue, and when will it be released....this is
very annoying. I had to void 90 invoices yesteday, and I do not want to do
this daily :)

Jason Powell