Re: [Emerald] IP

David Khoury ( )
Wed, 19 May 1999 12:44:45 +1000

>>I think that you could build an asp page that looks at the users IP... If
>>the user is local, then check the account that they are logged in on.

>Not practical, most user would simple enable the proxy on every thing, even
>the ISP's internal network, so you web server could not konw where the
>requester come from except proxy server. Unless you would configure each
>cilent's browser properly through configuration server, but take too much
>effort to maintain it.

If you're using Squid, the proxy will actually hand the originating IP
number to the web server as a CGI variable. I can't remember the exact
name ... look up a Squid FAQ. It'll have it in there.

David Khoury
Network Engineer