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Duane Schaub ( )
Tue, 18 May 1999 10:27:48 -0500

I think that you could build an asp page that looks at the users IP... If
the user is local, then check the account that they are logged in on. If
the account is inside of the grace period... ie, after the expire date, but
before expire plus extension, or some variation, then redirect to the
paynow page.

I don't have one built, but it would be concievable to build this into the
home page. Unfortunately, you don't get users who don't use your home
page. An alternative would be something like an ICQ watch program. On
connection, it would connect to a web page on your server and get the
account status and any "sysop" or system messages that could be posted into
a special email account for user notifications. It could be developed into
a very full-featured module that could be installed automatically by the
IEAK.... Hint, Hint... Some enterprising programmer might look at this.
There are a number of Wrapper programs out there already for IE and
netscape. I would not be very difficult to get one of these to provide
this functionality. You could also use the Channel protocol to push
newsletters or customer web pages to the customer.


At 02:11 PM 5/18/99 +0930, you wrote:
>>You can not direct the user to the page you want if the user enable the
>>proxy, because the web server will think the request come from proxy
>>server's IP instead of users IP. Only your proxy server can tell where the
>>request come from, whatever you do on webserver is irelevent, I try with
>>Windows NT IIS4.0 and ASP script, without proxy enabled, it worked perfect,
>>with proxy enabled, it did not work.
>We block all port 80 requests and make users use the proxy.
>Thats why Squid is a wonderful proxy and so is having redirection scripts on

>it or squirm :-))
>>So the best possible way to give the user IP address which has no access to
>>the proxy server, when the user's proxy is enabled, proxy server will
>>a web page says your access id denied, error # xxxx, which you can
>>this page to response to error message and redirect to your signup or
>>payment page, it work well even customer switch to other ISP and forget to
>>change the proxy setting. While on the other hand the web server should
>>deal with those customer do not have proxy enabled.
>>To implement those, Emerald must record the subaccount type when the call
>>was made, so when you make some trigger or schedule to chnage those cutomer
>>to other subaccount type, Emerald could consolidate those calls properly.
>but how do you do this part
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>>From: Don Barron <>
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>>Date: Tuesday, May 18, 1999 11:20 AM
>>Subject: Re: [Emerald] IP
>>>Well is there a way to make it so that anyone who's password does not work
>>>it lets them on with a fake IP ?
>>>Then I can direct them to a webpage that atleast says your password does
>>>work so dont bother to dial again, just ring our support line. We seem to
>>>have l/users who keep dialling and then blame me for a wicked phone bill
>>>not getting connected.
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>>>From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
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>>>Date: Tuesday, 18 May 1999 12:36
>>>Subject: Re: [Emerald] IP
>>>>Don Barron wrote:
>>>>> Is there a way after a users time has expired that you can configure
>>>>> to allow a user to still log in but give them a fake IP ( for
>>>eg ).

>>>>> This way I can configure the proxy to take them to a web page that says
>>>>> account has expired, give me your credit card number and you can have
>>>>> time after you redial. ?
>>>>Not currently. This is something we are looking into adding in the
>>>>future, though.
>>>>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT
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