Re: [Emerald] REALLY URGENT! PLEASE STOP IGNORING THIS THREAD!!! Need Help with ServerID Problem

david leigh ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 May 1999 19:11:39 +0800

Hi Readadmin

We are also in Australia (Perth) and unfortunately can't help too much
because our install was pretty painless.

1) Windows NT (OEM version) installed with 20 CAL's
2) NT Server is a PDC, and has one NIC with a live IP address. (On this one
machine we have installed SQL server as well as the Emerald Distribution.)
3) Installed SP3
4) Installed SQL 6.5. The version that we have automatically applies SP3 to
SQL 6.5 (**BIG NOTES**: You must add TCP/IP as a protocol option during the
installation. This is not configured by default. I know you have probably
already done this but just wanted to be sure)
5) Entered the SQL Client Configuration Utility and changed the default
protocol to TCP/IP and the default connection info to the server IP.
6) Added the ODBC connection information for a SQL server and called it
"Emerald". Tested with connection info of sa with blank password (Obviously
we've changed it since then).
7) Used the full distribution and installed (at this stage it was 2.5.227 -
we have been upgrading ever since)
8) After installation entered the Emerald Admin, added the license key (have
you double checked the key you are using and seen that it does properly add
x licences?) and let it go about creating the database for us. Changed the
default sizes to 300 and 100 Megabytes for the data and error databases and
then let it run the creation scripts.
9) There was for us (don't know if its fixed yet) an arithmetic overflow
error during processing which we were directed by Support to ignore. It
hasn't seemed to cause any problems for us so far so I guess its OK.
10) Logged onto Emerald Admin and took it from there. (Later installed SP4
which didn't seem to break anything)

I hope I'm not forgetting anything - but I really didn't try and take things
down too carefully because as I said we were lucky enough to have a trouble
free install.

David Leigh

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From: RedConnect Admin <>
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Date: Monday, May 17, 1999 11:01 AM
Need Help with ServerID Problem

>I can't believe IEA staff are ignoring this completely. We are in Australia
>and phone contact is difficult from a time zone perspective. The funny part
>of all this is I am using this incident and all the responses (or lack
>thereof ) as examples to other ISP software vendors of what we are NOT
>prepared to pay for.
>Anybody reading this list that is confused by this submission, should go
>check the mail archives and trace this thread.
>Okay, is there anyone else on this list who can specifically list their 2.5
>install procedure. Including all service packs.
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>From: RedConnect Admin <>
>To: Emerald List <>
>Date: Wednesday, May 12, 1999 3:09 PM
>Need Help with ServerID Problem
>>I know I will probably be accussed of having the wrong attitude or some
>>problem, but we have requested help (on this one error) politely and with
>>thanks for MONTHS now. YES MONTHS. IEA no longer responds to this thread
>>which I am sure there will be some excuse for. If you don't want to fix it
>>SAY SO!, my managers have now bought in other consultants to make your
>>Multiple installs on multiple machines with multiple configurations have
>>failed with the same problem. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU WANT TO HELP US or WHO
>>WANTS TO PURCHASE A 3000 MBR LICENCE. This situations is ridiculous and
>>please do not start with the wrong DLL or ADMIN version read all previous
>>emails. We have downloaded your software multiple times. We are evaluating
>>other vendors software (not that I think you care).
>>We are very disapointed that it has come down to this, but we are left
>>no option but to try this shock email to get a response. Even if it is to
>>tell us you don't care, so we can once and for all migrate our service to
>>product that has professional support services.
>>To replicate this problem with minimal external variables:
>>format drive
>>Install NT4.0 (sp 3 or 4) (NTFS or FAT)
>>Install SQL 6.5 (sp 3 or 4 or 5 or 5a)
>>[optionally run NT sp 3 or 4 again]
>>Create DSN (Emerald and or Radius)
>>Install full distribution of Emerald 2.5 accepting all defaults and
>>installing Radius and Authentication.
>>When finshed start emerald admin login: sa with no password as per SQL
>>Database select <new>
>>follow directions for new install
>>when finished click on NT Admin and the Server ports tab and presto the
>>"Ambiguous Error" that has been previously documented by us appears.
>>Now I know you should configure and have data and blah blah blah... We
>>done that and we still get the same error. IT DOES NOT make any difference
>>if we use data or a fresh install EXACTLY THE SAME ERROR appears. This in
>>our logic negates the issue of a data related problem UNLESS there is
>>something we need to modify that the CREATE AND UPGRADE scripts omit.
>>Finally, if you are unable to replicate this which we are assuming is
>>to be your standard response. We request that the following happen:
>> Give us access to the ACTUAL FULL DISTRIBUTION YOU USE not the same
>>Itemise the following.
>>NT Service packs used (when applied)
>>SQL Version and Service packs (sp3 or > and when applied)
>>Emerald options selected on intial install (what check boxes)
>>this is the only way we can be sure everything is the same.
>>I am assuming someone will respond to this email, but we'll see!
>>[Below are some messages that have already been sent and are in the list
>>Sent on the 28th of April with no response
>>Dale the Version is 2.5.232, We only recently less than 2 weeks ago
>>downloaded the full 11 meg distribution to ensure we had a fully
>>distribution. I know you are not aware of our skill level but we try and
>>debug as much as we can (including reading the manuals) before sending
>>to the list. This install has been done multiple times (6) on multiple
>>machines from scratch including operating system, SQL, Emerald, Radius. As
>>indicated above, we have the current full distributions that are on the
>>site, we also downloaded this twice in the unlikely event of corruption.
>>unless the distribution on your site is faulty, there is more to this than
>>old DLL's or the wrong version of a module or corrupt registry or any
>>common problems usually assoiciated with users not making a sufficient
>>effort to resolve trivial problems.
>>We are under a lot of pressure to resolve this as our current system is
>>taking up to five hours to do a consolidation mostly due to the machine it
>>runs on. We have new hardware which we want to install with 2.5 on but
>>a number of weeks we are still at the same point.
>>Your help is very much appreciated but our management is frustrated with
>>>Dale wrote:
>>>Its probably a bug in the Admin. What Admin version are you using?
>>>You can find it from Help...About in the Emerald Admin.
>>>>RedConnect Admin wrote:
>>>> The server we are doing the upgrade on was a clean install of all
>>>> OS (NT4.0 SP4), SQL 6.5, Emerald 2.5 full distribution. Then we put the
>>>> version on to see it would help. We have also re installed a number of
>>>> times, 2.1 has never been loaded on this machine